Research Interest

Always evolving. Currently:

  • Revenue management and pricing
  • Approximate dynamic programming (also called reinforcement learning)
  • Data-driven decision making

Refereed Journal Articles (Google Scholar Profile)

Practitioner Articles

Selected Working Papers

  • Saied Samiedaluie, Dan Zhang, and Rui Zhang. 2022. Probabilistic Approximations for Network Revenue Management. Under revision.

  • Jiannan Ke, Dan Zhang, and Huan Zheng. 2022. Compact Reformulations of Approximate Linear Programs for Finite-Horizon Markov Decision Processes. Under revision.

  • Jianghua Wu, Dan Zhang, Yan Liu. 2022. Sales and Price Guarantees under Markovian Pricing. Under revision.

  • Yan Liu, Jingmai Wang, Yulan Wang, and Dan Zhang. 2022. A Model of Coalition Reward Programs. Working paper.

  • Chengyi Lyu, Dan Zhang, and Huanan Zhang. 2022. Customer Reward Programs for Two-Sided Markets. Working paper.

  • Xiao Huang, Gloria Urrea, and Dan Zhang. 2022. The Impact of Pricing on Cancellations in the Hotel Industry. Working paper.

  • Yanzhe Lei, Rui Zhang, Zhongzhong Jiang, and Dan Zhang. 2022. Joint Dynamic Optimization of Pricing and Personalized Recommendations in Online Retailing.

  • Wei Gu, Xiaohui Zhao, Xiangbing Yan, and Dan Zhang. 2022. On the Impacts of Unscheduled Service in an Outpatient Clinic.

  • Saied Samiedaluie, Dan Zhang, and Rui Zhang. 2021. Approximate Dynamic Programming for a Queueing Control Problem. Working paper.

  • Zlatana Nenova, Manuel Laguna, and Dan Zhang. 2021. Approximate Dynamic Programming for Medical Appointment Scheduling. Working paper.

  • Dan Zhang. 2008. Pricing and Capacity Management for Multi-Class Stochastic Service Systems. Permanent working paper.

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